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In theory, it’s simple!

Obviously it’s your job to make sure your business, your brand, is heading in the right direction.

But if you’d appreciate some help, or just an objective point of view, we have enough experience of business development and marketing strategies to make a useful contribution.

piechartWe are wedded to results, not one particular marketing resource

So we focus on what’s going to achieve the best results for least cost, and that will almost inevitably result in some form of integrated multi-resource plan.

By mixing and matching resources, we can help create a deliverable plan.

We take management responsibility for what we do: that means we get on with it, and deliver solution not “yeah, but” excuses.

Yet we are also careful never to “disenfranchise” a client: clients make the decisions, we do the work.

We believe in measurability as much as accountability, and our satisfaction comes from knowing we have done as good a job as possible.

So we like quantified results as much as you need them, but that moment of warm satisfaction is short as we plunge back into the cold waters of the next project, or the next year.

Ah well!