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Dedication, transparency and a fair reward: that’s how we work.

We work with few clients at any one time but those we do, we fully commit ourselves to. That is the only way, in our experience, to deliver satisfactory work – for clients and ourselves.

Open Accounting & No Commissions

The basis of any successful relationship has to be trust, and that’s why we work on an open accounting, non-commissioned basis:

we present our suppliers’ invoices with our invoices
we never mark up costs or take commissions

That assures clients not only that they are getting the best price, but that we have no incentive to achieve anything other than the best value for them.

In truth, we are rather a pain about best value, and really don’t like clients or ourselves being over-charged – so your budget will go further when you work with us.

Hypothecated Fees

Horrible phrase, but it means you will get what you pay for – and that is as it should be! Our only income is from fees, and we prefer to work on the basis of a modest retainer, supplemented by project fees. Each project fee can be built into the budget for that project, so cost, workload and results are “hypothecated” to that project.

Everybody knows where they stand – and what they are paying (and being paid) for.